About Us

Click Here to read more about Pentlands Men’s Shed, which includes a slideshow that we created for our 2022 Open Week to illustrate some of the other things we had done over the previous couple of years.

Further information is included in the video below.

Activities and Wellbeing

We are here to promote and support Men’s wellbeing, so we aim to help our members to do whatever they want in order to enjoy a weekly (or more frequent) get-together with like-minded individuals. Click Here to see a bit more about our activities, and Here to find out about some aspects of Wellbeing.

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Much of what we do is focused on projects, with a recent priority being our new premises. Others include Christmas preparation, and completing work for local primary schools. Click Here to find out more about all of our projects.

Funding and Support

As Pentlands Men’s Shed does not charge membership fees, it needs to raise funds in other ways to continue to serve the community.

We have been fortunate to benefit from the generosity of many individuals, organisations, and companies: Click here to find out more and learn how you can help the Shed to support the local community.

Three boys from Forrester High School in Edinburgh nominated Pentlands Men’s Shed as their chosen charity in the 2022 YPI (Youth and Philanthropy Initiative) competition – then won the competition! Click here to see more of this story.

Covid Arrangements

Although life has largely returned to normal following the Covid pandemic, Pentlands Men’s Shed is taking care to operate within all guidelines and keep all members, guests, and the wider community safe while there are still some risks from Covid.

Click here to find out more.

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