About Pentlands Men’s Shed

What We Do

Pentlands Men’s Shed is a friendly and welcoming meeting place for men of any age to come together and join in a variety of activities. It is a place where members can share knowledge, learn new skills and develop new friendships. Our aim is to offer a meeting place for companionship based around making or repairing things, although simply socialising over a cup of tea is also a pleasant way of enjoying the stress-free environment. When we meet, we do whatever those present on the day decide. This may be to follow up actions from earlier weeks and maybe plan ahead – or do nothing apart from passing the time of day. You don’t have to be an expert in anything in particular – we all bring different capabilities and interests to the shed – and members turn up when they are able. There is no agenda, requirement, or expectation that anyone will turn up every week.

Our standard time to meet is on Friday mornings between 10.00 and 12.30, which allows us to use the Scout Hall as well as our own premises. Having our own premises on the site has allowed us to also establish a regular meeting on Monday mornings, although our access to the Scout Hall is limited on Mondays. We tend to use Mondays for project work, while Fridays are more likely to be social meetings.


At present we have limited space for making and repairing but have made a start, often using members’ own tools to supplement those which have been donated. Generous donations of materials, tools and monies mean that already we are already making items for local charities and would hope to expand this type of activity over the coming months. Our fund-raising focus at present is to allow us to buy and install a container or other similar facility that we can use as a workshop area with storage for tools and materials.

Our Interests

Our range of interests is very wide, including gardening, DIY, sport, travel, cycling, cars, sailing, computers, music, and a lot more besides. There’s always someone to talk to, and there’s always someone who will listen to what you have to say.

We have also had enquiries about games of chess etc., and anything the members decide to try and organise themselves is possible. Of course it is all done over a few cups of tea and coffee so please come and have a cup and a chat – you will be most welcome.

Presentation of a cheque from The Pentland Medical Centre. The benefits of membership of Men’s Sheds can include improved mental health. Many members of Men’s Sheds are older men who either live alone, or have caring responsibilities, and the NHS recognises the benefits of shared companionship.

Shed Slideshow

Here’s a slideshow that one of our members created to illustrate some of the things we have done as a Shed, including building our workshop. Simply use the arrows at the bottom of the slides to page through it, forwards or backwards. (Best viewed on a tablet or computer screen)

Other videos

2022 / 23 Video
Welcome to the Shed
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