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Currie Nursery “Bunny Hutch”

Currie Nursery “Bunny Hutch”

In response to a request from Currie Nursery, Alastair “2 Sheds”, with help from other members, has built an architectural masterpiece to house two rabbits. Domino and Woody now have a superb hutch that has been constructed from a big storage box and a host of other components including a dog crate and some bathroom panels. With signs carved by Stewart, the whole installation looks fantastic and we hope that the bunnies enjoy their accommodation.

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Balerno Nursery – Planters and Signs

Balerno Nursery – Planters and Signs

Jan agreed to take on a project for Balerno Nursery, to build some planters so that the children could learn about planting and growing flowers and vegetables. The job was quite sizeable, and Murray and others helped him to build these impressive, custom-designed items. Jan also engaged Stewart to carve some signs for the Nursery to highlight some of the items in the garden and playground area. We think the results are first class – and so do the leaders and teachers from the Nursery!

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Currie Primary School Projects update

Currie Primary School Projects update

The Covid Pandemic imposed a huge amount of delay but Pentlands Men’s Shed eventually delivered some long-awaited projects for Currie Primary School. The school provided some wonderful feedback for the work carried out, and you can see the finished results below:

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Free Book Library

Free Book Library

We have been approached by a school PTA with a request to build an enclosure that could hold books to provide a free “library” service, where people could swap or borrow books. This would ideally be located in the grounds of the associated local primary school. The requirements are:

  • Outdoor storage for books;
  • Should be enclosed (weatherproof);
  • Brightly coloured and / or decorated;
  • Resembling a house if possible;
  • Clear glass- or plastic-fronted for visibility, if possible. Safety glass or polycarbonate would be ideal;
  • It should display the words “Free Library” or similar;
  • Shelved to accommodate a several books of different sizes (dimensions to be agreed).

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