Balerno Nursery – Planters and Signs

Jan agreed to take on a project for Balerno Nursery, to build some planters so that the children could learn about planting and growing flowers and vegetables. The job was quite sizeable, and Murray and others helped him to build these impressive, custom-designed items. Jan also engaged Stewart to carve some signs for the Nursery to highlight some of the items in the garden and playground area. We think the results are first class – and so do the leaders and teachers from the Nursery!

Jan with a couple of his masterpieces, along with one of Stewart’s signs (“Herb Garden”). Yes, the planters are meant to be that shape!
Planters come in all shapes and sizes.
Fitting in nicely between other items. Anyone would think it was designed!
Stewart’s sign (“Flowers”) is looking good here.
And another sign – “Mud Kitchen” this time.
And another, saying “Water Play”! This guy is prolific!
Just to help the kids learn what goes in which raised beds – “Vegetables” in this case.
A nice shot of Jan, a planter, and a sign to finish with. This one says “Bug Hotel” – which I think is the small item hanging on the fence above the planter.

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