Much of what we do is based around projects.

However, our purpose is actually to support Men’s wellbeing so projects are only one aspect of what we do.

Our projects are either initiated by members of the Shed, or as a result of a request from a member of the public or another organisation that needs some help.

We prefer not to work to deadlines – after all, most of us have retired from work! – but please ask us if there is anything we can do to help the community. All we ask is that if we don’t already have the necessary materials in our stock of bits and pieces, you make a contribution to offset our costs, or buy the materials for us to use.

In the meantime, the pictures below show some of the things we have managed to work on so far. Click on the pictures to find out more. Some of these might even give you inspiration for projects that you can tackle in 2021 or beyond!

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