Visit by model-maker

Dave White, father of Shed member Graham, visited the Shed today (3 November 2023) to show off some of the model vehicles that he has built since retiring some years ago. Some of these impressive models are built from purchased plans, while others are designed and built by Dave himself.

The models are mainly built from hardwood (typically salvaged from old furniture!) and are hand painted. The most impressive was probably the extending crane, with the steam engine not far behind, however they are all fantastic. The most fun was the windmill that includes a model of a man hand-starting a vintage car: Dave has made several of these and has refined the design over several iterations.

Dave White with some of his models. The truck in front of him is a work-in-progress.
This image shows the work-in-progress truck a little more clearly (the black and red construction in the middle, and the bare wood cab just beyond it).
Some more of the models. In the foreground. Not the Shedders in the background…!
A wider view of Dave and his creations. The windmill can just be seen at the front of the table, in front of the Land Rover with the white roof over the cab.

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