Shed Lunch

Thanks to Iain and Ian, 18 or so shedders had a fantastic pre Christmas lunch at Riccarton Inn. Great conversation, great food, and a lovely time was had by all. It was a lunch filled with good conversation a lot of leg pulling, terrible jokes, and catching up.

This is what the Men’s shed is all about ,we are not just making things or repairing tools but engaged in mental health companionship and FUN .

Thanks must also go to the Riccy as the food was extremely fresh, warm and tasty. I know our Chair Ali was defeated by the sheer size of the cheesecake! and as always portions were definitely Shedder size. I’m also glad to say our mascot Stewart behaved impeccably lol. I’m also very pleased that our good friend and fellow Shedder Scott who sadly has Parkinson’s had, and I quote, “an amazing time with so many shedders”! I gave him a lift home due to torrential rain and he was buzzing. He also reminds us all why being a Shed member can make a difference.

Looking forward to even more such events so why not come along any Monday or Friday morning and say hello.

Mine’s a pint!

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