Sensory Wall & Finger Guards

Stewart has made a “Sensory Wall” for a local playgroup. ‘What’s a Sensory Wall?’ I hear you ask. An excellent question! It’s a board with all sorts of items attached. These make sounds, have different textures, move in different ways, and are all intended to give the children something to stimulate their minds. You’ll see what it is in the photos below.

While at the playgroup, Stewart also fitted “finger guards” to some doors, to prevent a recurrence of a child getting fingers caught when a door was closed.

Sensory Wall

Doors closed…
and Doors open! – Spot the difference!
Here’s the full extent of the wall
The children seem to like it! (facial images blurred deliberately)

Finger Guards

Close-up of the solution

Wider look – you can see how this will protect little fingers from being caught.

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