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Following a brilliant week 1 where 12 people attended Martin’s Raspberry Pi demonstration and fed ideas into Hugh’s discussion re potential outings (wet, dry, and both!)

Tomorrow we will have enough equipment to break into small groups and get hands on with Turing Tumble (TT), marble computer, emulators of TT on iPads, Raspberry Pi, and Pico. This hands on session should engage with everyone and over a few weeks we can plan projects.

The TT emulator is free online and if you have a tablet or pc you will be able to practice at home. There are about 40 tutorials and I’m getting to my “pen pusher” limits at about 23. Group work will definately be required.

I have a couple of iPads that can be borrowed by arrangement

We will ensure we have physical breaks and opportunities to swap tasks. Hope to see you there

(Martin & Hugh)

3 thoughts on “Non-Project Activity – Discussion

  1. I am delighted to see that the non builders,
    ( I prefer social members ), have got someone who is prepared to take on the leadership role of this group of members. It was clear a few members were lost, feeling they had no role in the club. I sincerely hope Hugh and Martin get the support they need to make this a successful addition for our membership.

    All success with this new venture

  2. Several members made a very good start on the challenges presented for the Turing Tumble (marble computer) and we hope to go further in coming weeks. If you’ve already started, come back for more. If you haven’t, you’re welcome because there’s always time to start at the beginning or just watch.

    To see how the Turing Tumble works, look at this
    The challenges we are following are all here
    To try out the challenges without a real Tumble, there’s a simulator here

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