Maggie’s Centres Presentation

With wellbeing as a prime focus of Men’s Sheds, it is very relevant to discuss anything that can help members and their families to cope with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and the challenges that can follow thereafter.

Maggie’s Centres are a charity that supports people who have or have had cancer, and offers them, their families, and their friends a drop-in facility that can provide advice, help, or just a friendly and compassionate environment to be in.

Members of Pentlands Men’s Shed had a very informative talk by Gail Millar, the wife of one of our members and a volunteer at the Forth Valley Maggie’s Centre in Larbert. Gail talked about the history of the centres and the services that they offer. She was accompanied by Meg, their young black labrador who slept through the entire presentation although that was not a comment on the quality of the material or the presentation!

The slides below were the basis of Gail’s talk.

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