Drilling holes in ceramic flower pots

Drainage holes are required in most flower pots, so if you have ceramic ones that don’t have holes, here are some pointers as to how to drill them, courtesy of a number of members:

Here’s one we prepared earlier!
  • Use masonry bits for unglazed pots; glass or tile bits for glazed pots. For larger holes (20 mm or above) use a diamond core drill;
  • Regardless of the type of pot or the hole size, ensure you don’t use hammer action on your drill. Stick to rotary only;
  • Drill slowly even after starting off;
  • Use masking tape when starting off, to stop the drill bit from sliding on the surface;
  • Make a mark to gently break the glaze (if required), by starting the drill very slowly, or by gently chipping the glaze with a centre punch;
  • Look online for detailed videos and further advice. There are several YouTube videos available;
  • The best tip, however, was to get someone else (your wife?) to do it, so you can’t be blamed if it all goes horribly wrong!

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