Customised Wheelie Bin

When Hugh asked for help to convert an unwanted wheelie bin into a mobile toolbox, Stewart stepped up with his engineering expertise. Hugh now has a bin that holds his gardening equipment securely, and also slides easily into his car for longer journeys.

The finished article – ready to be tested (the bin, not Stewart!).
In it goes – nice and easy! The extra wheels make loading so much more simple.
A perfect fit. Let’s see what Hugh now does to customise it!
The filled bin – the tools now travel in style.
UPGRADED – Note the new sports wheels, larger diameter grippy pneumatic tyres, and the vice attached to the (reinforced) lid to facilitate tool sharpening or other (as yet undefined) purposes. Perhaps hard to see, but the wheels are now fitted with quick-release clips and are on a go-faster custom-made axle.
Move over, Ferarri and Red Bull. Team A FAB Currie with engineering by Pentlands Men’s Shed are on your tail. More to follow!

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