Community Chest – Dust Extraction Equipment

Thanks to the Community Chest, who gave Pentlands Men’s Shed a donation to purchase dust extraction equipment to be used in and around the Shed. The equipment, consisting of two separate set-ups, includes high-performance HEPA filtration to protect members from working in dusty conditions which could be dangerous to health.

This photo shows the large set-up with the cyclone unit (round bin) attached to the saw while the dust unit is powered into the wall.  The saw is powered via the dust extractor which starts via the saw and stops with vibration about 10 seconds after the saw does thus enabling clean disconnections and minimal dust bag usage.
Both this unit and the smaller one in the workshop are HEPA Filtered for use with MDF and other toxic dusts. Loose sawdust is all but eliminated, and with the cyclone installed we expect to hardly need dust bags at all.

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