Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway visit

A group from Pentlands Men’s Shed visited the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway and museum on 19 September 2023. By all accounts it was a most enjoyable visit despite the weather, and at least one member expressed his wish that he could use the machine tools and equipment in their “proper” workshop. It’s great that the Shed isn’t just about making things, and that social activities are also a feature of what we do.

Thanks to Chairman Rab for organising the visit.

Tank engine (Thomas in disguise? or just incognito?) preparing to set off
The workshop with rolling stock in various stages of restoration and repair
Thomas and friends? Ali, Martin, Craig, and John. Rab was behind the camera. Not sure who is holding who up in the foreground…
The workshop looking a bit busy from this angle
Here comes the tank engine!

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