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The perils of Ultraviolet (UV) light

The perils of Ultraviolet (UV) light

By The Alchemist

We all know that ultraviolet light in sunlight is absorbed by the skin and is used by the body to stimulate the production of the beneficial Vitamin D and also melanin which, with modest doses of UV, causes mild tanning. However, too much UV is bad for the skin, causing premature aging, reducing flexibility, creating wrinkles and lots of freckles and making the skin look like leather.  It can even be deadly by causing melanoma, a particularly nasty form of cancer.

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Washers from waste

Washers from waste

By the Alchemist – turning junk into ‘gold’!

From time to time we all need non-metallic (e.g. plastic, rubber, even wood) washers. A recent example for me was bolting some steel brackets to the frame of an aluminium greenhouse.  Due to the possibility of bi-metallic corrosion, especially in a wet and humid environment like a greenhouse, it is a good idea to electrically isolate the dissimilar metals with a non-conductive washer – in this case I used plastic.

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