Air Cadet Robots

The Cadets from No 297 Squadron Musselburgh) Royal Air Force Air Cadets are building Robot vehicle from kits supplied by Leonardo Systems. The project is also part of the STEM learning. The Cadets have to build the kits, which involves soldering circuit boards to link the controls to cordless drill motors to create method of propulsion.

Lyall Downie, a member of the Shed, is also a Flight Lieutenant at 297 Squadron, and was looking for a bit of help with these robots. His luck was in when it was identified that Shed member John Wilson was an instructor at Leonardo (formerly Ferranti). Latterly he worked at the petrol pump division working out of Loanhead, where unknown to him, 2 of the other staff were former cadets of 297.

John has set out training sessions to teach the cadets the finer points of soldering to allow them to build their robots. The following pictures show John supervising the training sessions for the Air Cadets.

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