Members’ Area

This area is reserved for members of Pentland Men’s Shed. Please select the relevant sub-menu item from the top menu to access this area. If you can’t access the area and are a member of the Shed, please log in to the site with your username and password, or pass us a comment via the Contact Page.

Whatsapp Group

We have an active “WhatsApp” group where members have on-line discussions about projects, life, the Universe, and everything. We share some humour from time to time, and while it is possible that we might – sometimes – push boundaries, we always try not to offend, and to act with the best intentions!

If you would like to be part of that, please let Iain Millar know your phone number (that’s all we need to add you into the group). See the current members page for Iain’s email address.

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