Emails from the Shed

Emails to all members

Follow the guidelines below to compose and send an email to all members who have agreed to email communications, without knowing all of their individual email addresses. It’s not completely intuitive, but isn’t actually too difficult once you get used to the system, The basic steps are as follows, although the precise details will vary according to the device (phone / tablet / computer) you are using:

  1. Click on the red button below;
  2. Locate the “Newsletter” option and click “Create”;
  3. Locate the “Pentlands Men’s Shed Template” and click “Select”;
  4. Enter a subject for the email where prompted, and Preview text (a brief description of what the email is about);
  5. This is where you actually compose your email. Edit the content of the template including the signature at the foot, if you need to do so. It is set to default to Alister’s name, however you can change that;
  6. Click the button marked “Next”;
  7. Select a list of recipients in the “Lists” field (please select “Email subscribers” to send to all known members), and put your details into the “Your name and Email” fields.
  8. Click “Send” – and it’s done.

I know this is not perfect and I am looking for something that is easier to use while still keeping us compliant with GDPR (privacy) regulations. If you are uncomfortable about using the email system, please email me (Iain Millar) with the details of what you want to send, and I will send it out on your behalf.

Emails to individuals

Please note that the tool described above doesn’t allow you to send emails to subgroups of members or people who are not members of Pentlands Men’s Shed. If you want to contact people individually or in smaller groups, the easiest option is to use your own email system, although this will allow recipients to see your email address. Please note that members’ email addresses are on the Current Members page. Or consider using the WhatsApp group to communicate with other members of the Shed!

However, there is another option if you want to send an email from Pentlands Men’s Shed to individuals (who don’t need to be Shed members). We have created a “Pentlands Men’s Shed” email address: . This can be accessed via the button below. If you want to use this, you need to log into the account using the full email address and use a password that I can provide. I’m sure everyone will understand that the account must only be used for valid purposes that will not damage the reputation of Pentlands Men’s Shed. Note that anything sent to or from this address will be visible to the website administrator and / or anyone else who has access to the account.



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