Currie Primary School Projects update

The Covid Pandemic has imposed a huge amount of delay but Pentlands Men’s Shed have finally been able to deliver some long-awaited projects for Currie Primary School. The school has provided some wonderful feedback for the work carried out, and you can see the finished results below:

A fence made from recycled pallets makes a secure area for the youngest pupils to play behind.
The plant pots will give the children the opportunity to plant seeds and watch them grow.
The playbus should be a hit with the children. All aboard!
The little lending library is now available for business. Well done to Ali for building it, and to Stewart for carving the decorative monkeys on the sides.
Stewart showing off his carved monkeys. Just for clarity, Stewart is the one on the right, and the carved monkey is the one on the left.
Two of the pupils with boards made by the Shed
And more boards highlighting the values that the school aspires to…
Other boards were attached to the new fence.
Don’t they look great!

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