Portacabin! The story in pictures.

We have found a Portacabin to use as our new premises, and while it needs a lot of work, it was delivered to the site on 4 June 2021. With great excitement from all involved, it was swung into place by an expert truck / crane operator, and the real fun starts now as we prepare to refurbish it.

The portacabin was lifted from its site at the Mariott Hotel onto the back of a truck.
It wasn’t the easiest of lifts – there was an electricity substation that had to be avoided!
The cabin was secured onto the truck, ready for delivery.

Here it comes! The first view of our new premises for most of the members.
Ready to start offloading.
Impressive truck…
Can we really lift this into position?
Here we go!
An expert makes it look easy.
Incoming! Look Out Below!
Touch-down! We have premises!
Lookin’ Good from the street

It needs a bit of work inside
Or maybe more than a bit…
Let the refurbishment commence!

The wrecking crew get to work
Time to remove the old ceiling
Things progressed quickly although there is still a lot to do

Some bits look relatively OK
Unfortunately, under the surface we found some serious damp in places. The better news is that the external skin is metal and in good condition
Undaunted, we were prepared for a few issues. All of the interior of the Portacabin will end up here.

Activity continues in preparation for the new construction
However some new build work has already started. The windows are now secure.
Landscaping is also part of the project – Here we see a bit of early preparation
It’s amazing how a bit of turf can improve the site!

23 July – Repositioned tarpaulins on the roof, and ongoing work outside the Shed while the preservative that has been applied to the inside is allowed to dry off.
John hard at work on the path, with the new drainage clearly visible.
Stewart testing the new path!

06/08/2021 – Geoff has done a sterling job of laying the new floor. Here he is fitting panels around the edge of the Shed.
Meanwhile, John and Bing were screwing the new floor panels into place accurately, based on a template that Geoff provided.
Outside hasn’t been ignored either. Hugh had cleared a big area of weeds and overgrown brambles during the week, and we put down some salt to inhibit re-growth.

The west end gable frame being built – Geoff on the tools.
Installing and trimming the breathable membrane
The west end gable frame in position. Craftsman built by Geoff, with just a bit of help from John, the oldest apprentice in town.

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